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Makinohara Delegation from Japan Visits SFETIC and Negotiates on Relevant Projects


       On November 4, Nishihara Shigeki, the Mayor of Makinohara City of Japan, with their delegation, made a friendly visit to SFETIC, and the Chairman Xiao Yulong, and the Vice General Manager Yuan Jinglian, as well as principals from relevant departments, met the delegation at Zhiyuan Hotel. The Chairman Xiao first welcomed the visiting Mayor of Makinohara City and their delegation, and introduced the profile of SFETIC and the situation of import and export trade to Japan; and it is hoped taking this visit as an opportunity to promote the understanding and communication between Shaanxi and Japan, at the same time, to contribute to the construction and promotion of the "Silk Road" in the new era, under the development strategy of “One Belt and One Road”.
        In order to better understand the advantages of both sides, and to lay the foundation of the cooperation for the next step, after meeting, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the issues of trade cooperation. During the discussion, Japanese participants, the representatives from Ministry of Industrial Economy, Regional Foreign Affairs Office, as well as the chairmen from relevant enterprises of Makinohara City, respectively introduced the development situation of island economy, tea, supermarket trade, and they expressed they were willing to carry out more in-depth exchanges and cooperation with SFETIC; Chinese participants, Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park, Shaanxi Foreign Economic & Trade Comprehensive Services Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi E-Stone Human Resources Development Co., Ltd. also introduced their respective business advantages and willingness of cooperation.
        The Vice General Manager of SFETIC Yuan, Jinglian participated the discussion and delivered a speech, in which she said both China and Japan are close neighbors separated only by a strip of water, with similar culture and exchanges between the two countries across the thousands of years of time and space, and all the forerunners of the China-Japan friendship left important marks in ancient Chang'an City, Shaanxi, China. Currently, the two sides of China and Japan are striving to improve bilateral relations, and it is also hoped that the exchanges between Shaanxi and Japan could become more frequent; it is hoped to obtain considerable development in the fields of economy and culture, tourism and even more exchanges; it is hoped taking this meeting as a starting point for cooperation, to strengthen communication and effectively promote the common development of the two sides in the future.
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