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Our Group Attends Laos Congressmen Symposium in Xi’an





        The Laos Congressmen Symposium in Xi’an was held at China Shaanxi Oversea Engineering and Construction LLC (briefly named CSOC) on June 3. Twenty members of the Laos National Parliament Delegation, Li Shengrong (Deputy Director-general of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce), responsible persons from Shaanxi Foreign Economic & Trade Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (briefly named SFETIC), Shaanxi Road & Bridge Group Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Overseas Investment Group Co., Ltd., METCO in Dubai and Sinohydro Bureau 3 Co., Ltd. attended the Symposium. Zhang Shaohua (Vice General Manager of SFETIC) attended and addressed the Symposium.     
        Zhang Shaohua (Vice General Manager) introduced briefly the Group’ operation to Laos congressmen at the meeting, and promoted the Group to the guests from three major aspects, namely foreign-aid projects and overseas project contracting operations, international trade and international economic and technical cooperation, current overseas business layout and projects, among which the project of Luang Prabang Hospital in Laos deeply impressed the Laos Delegation.      
        The Symposium has enhanced the mutual understanding between the two parties and established a foundation for further cooperation. Supported by the One Belt and One Road strategy and through wide ranges of communication between the parties, enterprises in Shaanxi are promoted to further expand the Laos market so as to drive the export-oriented development.
(Provided by Han Yaping)
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