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Vice-president Units of Shaanxi Association for International Economic Cooperation Visit SFETIC for Exchange

       Shaanxi Association for International Economic Cooperation (Hereinafter called the Association) arranged 29 vice-president units to visit SFETIC and launched the learning and exchanging activities in Zhiyuan Hotel, in which Hui Hongjun, general manager of SFETIC and Zhang Shaohua, vice general manager hereof, were present at the conference in the afternoon of April 20.
       Luo Baowei, vice president of the Association, presided over the conference. The two managers in question, one after another, addressed in the conference, introducing the development history of SFETIC, and the experience hereof in the opening-up and tapping into international markets. The leaders from the four companies, i.e. Zhongjiaotongli Construction Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Foreign Economic & Trade Comprehensive Services Co., Ltd., SCEGC No.5 Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., and Shaanxi Dongjia Industry Co., Ltd., made speeches on the joint development of market, the construction of information platform and labor cooperation in the conference. Li Shengrong, vice head of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Liu Yaohua, president of the Association, Wang Jian, chief of the Division of Foreign Economy and Trade under Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce and Luo Baowei, vice president of the Association also delivered important speeches, in which, they recognized the work done by SFETIC, noting as a top enterprise in foreign economy and trade, SFETIC has seen ups and towns. In face of the latter, it, with confidence, took various actions to restore from the adverse situations, and steadily entered a period of fast development, with great contributions to foreign economy and trade of Shaanxi Province in each filed, particularly in overseas labors, and favorable social benefits. Recently, the several major projects under negotiation are seeing an expected progress. An enterprise cannot be called “mature” before it is tested by the hard time. In face of difficulties, what attitude, state, and concept should be taken to respond. We can learn a lot from the development of SFETIC against tough time, and the experience hereof is worth the reference and learning, no matter for State-own or private enterprises. 
       In the end, sincere expectation about how to achieve a good performance in the future work and the further involvement in the international economic cooperation was made. SFETIC, as one of vice-president units, will actively implement “One Belt and One Road” Initiative and increase the channels of developing the cooperation in order to make new contributions to the development of economic and technological cooperation of Shaanxi Province.
(Provided by Yao Meng, SFETIC Business Management Department)
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